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FORTALECE provides support in the areas of climate finance, poverty alleviation, community development, environmental services, circular economy, and related services. We aim at achieving organizations' SDGs through  cost-efficient, innovative, and sustainable solutions

Community Development

Community development is a vital process that fosters the empowerment of individuals and groups by nurturing the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to positively transform their communities. By emphasizing collaborative efforts and inclusive participation, it helps in addressing local needs, enhancing social cohesion, and promoting sustainable growth.

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Climate Finance

Climate finance is instrumental for organizations in addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. Access to climate finance facilitates investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other low-carbon technologies, enabling organizations to transition towards more sustainable practices. This funding also supports adaptation measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change, such as infrastructure resilience, crop diversification, and water management strategies.

Water Systems Management

Effective management of water systems is crucial for organizations, particularly those in agriculture, landscaping, and environmental conservation. Proper water management ensures optimal usage, mitigating the risks associated with water scarcity and drought. By implementing efficient water management techniques, such as drip irrigation or soil moisture sensors, organizations can minimize water wastage, reduce operational costs, and enhance crop yields or landscape health.

Irrigation Systems

Our Projects

Trout project- Santa rosa de Osos Antioqui Colombia (2020)
Local Economic Development - Putumayo, Colombia
Conflict Resolution - Pasco, Peru
Multi-Stakeholder Engagement - Oxapampa, Peru
Recovery of Water Sources - Pasco, Peru
Renewable Energy - Putumayo, Colombia
Building Capacity in Government Organizations - Lima, Peru
Conservation of Water Resources - Cerro de Pasco-Pasco, Peru (2015)
Guarani Indigenous POD
Poverty Alleviation - Camiri-Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2013)
Mujeres rurales POD
Building Capacity in Women Organizations - Mocoa-Putumayo, Colombia (2019)
Pollos POD
Local Economic Development - Orito-Putumayo, Colombia (2020)
Strong Government POD
Strengthening Government Institutions - La Paz, Bolivia (2012)
Climate Finance (in Progress) - Shushufindi-Sucumbios, Ecuador (2024)
Sistema de Riesgo Tecnificado
Technical Irrigation System - Huariaca-Pasco, Peru (2018)
Reforestation - Huariaca-Pasco, Peru (2012)
Trout Project
Trout Project - Santa Rosa de Osos-Antioquia, Colombia (2020)
Public Consultation
Public Consultation Process - Tusi-Pasco, Peru (2015)
Working experience & lessons learned
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27 Octubre, 2023 – Las PICL se han convertido en valiosos guardianes de los bosques y tierras en todo el...
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