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Human development involves enhancing human abilities to improve their lives and creating the conditions for this to happen.  We contribute to reducing economic and social gaps by strengthening human and labour capacities through training and organizational processes at the individual and collective levels.  Depending on the organization (i.e. private, public, civil society), a wide range of projects could be implemented to contribute to human development.

Poverty Alleviation

As a dedicated consulting firm specializing in poverty alleviation, we are committed to creating meaningful and lasting impact for our clients across the public, private, and community sectors. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of poverty. In the private sector, we help businesses develop impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives that uplift marginalized communities while fostering goodwill and brand loyalty. In the public sector, we work collaboratively with governments to craft effective policies, programs, and partnerships that target poverty reduction, ensuring a more equitable and prosperous society. For community organizations, we provide tailored solutions to empower vulnerable populations, enhance social services, and drive sustainable community development.

Local Economic Development

By integrating Local Economic Development (LED) strategies, we help our clients not only boost economic resilience but also drive meaningful poverty reduction, fostering inclusive and sustainable development that benefits all stakeholders.

Community Empowerment

Community empowerment fosters self-reliance and decision-making among community members, enabling them to address local challenges effectively. It enhances social cohesion and resilience, driving sustainable development and equitable growth.

Partnership & Collaboration

Our firm specializes in facilitating and fostering these collaborative efforts, ensuring that clients maximize their collective impact, drive sustainable change, and create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Trout project (LED project) implemented in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia, Colombia (2021).

Organization empowerment in the municipality of Orito, Putumayo, Colombia (2018).

Partnership collaboration for Poverty Alleviation, Cerro de Pasco, Pasco, Peru (2015).

Local Economic Development Project (Cocoa Project) for Poverty Alleviation, San Roque, Antioquia, Colombia (2021).

Community Development

Community development is a linchpin for human development, offering clients in the public, private, and community sectors a transformative pathway to empower individuals and foster societal progress. In the private sector, supporting community development initiatives not only enhances corporate social responsibility but also creates opportunities for a skilled and motivated workforce, thus promoting sustainable business growth. For the public sector, community development strengthens social cohesion, local governance, and civic engagement, leading to more prosperous and resilient communities. Community organizations directly benefit from community development by building self-reliant and empowered populations capable of driving their own progress.

Women & Youth Empowerment

We are passionate about fostering inclusive development by empowering women and youth. Our specialized services are designed to unlock the potential within these groups, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed.

Capacity Building

We are committed to fostering strength and resilience within Latin American organizations by tailoring our approach to each organization’s unique needs and challenges and developing comprehensive training tools to enhance skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities live in some of the world’s most biodiverse areas,, their deep-rooted knowledge of sustainable land management and biodiversity conservation, developed over generations, offer invaluable insights into sustainable resource use and natural resilience strategies.

Kichwa Indigenous Community, Pastaza, Ecuador (2024)

Involving Women in Local Economic Development Projects, Orito, Putumayo, Colombia (2019)

Involving Peasants in Water Systems Projects, Highlands, Ecuador (2013)

Practicing Traditional Knowledge

Projects on Demand

Guarani Indigenous POD
Poverty Alleviation
Mujeres rurales POD
Building Capacity among Women Organizations
Pollos POD
Local Economic Development
Strong Government POD
Strengthening Government Institutions